This explains so much…

According to my sources, the second week of March is National Procrastination Week. This brings a number of things to mind:

– Does that mean the second FULL week, or simply the second row of days on the calendar for the month of March? It could go either way, you know.

– Was this week actually scheduled earlier, say in January, and we only just got around to it?

– Why only a week? Why not a month? I don’t know about you, but for me, procrastination is a year-round sport.

– Is this like Women’s History Month, where the point is to honor women’s history? Or is it more like American Diabetes Month, where the point is to raise awareness of a serious health issue? Are we supposed to procrastinate MORE in celebration, or find a 12-step program now that we’ve recognized that we are powerless over procrastination and our lives have become unmanageable?

My source also noted that lack of organization is one of the top reasons people procrastinate, then listed a whole bunch of organizing tips and resources. This reminded me of a great book I picked up a couple years ago, Organizing for Your Brain Type, by Lanna Nakone. There’s a quiz to determine how your brain works and which organizational style goes best with it. I love those kinds of quizzes! I just know I’m going to learn something new and interesting about myself. Anyway, it turns out that the best thing for me to do would be to have an administrative assistant. I knew it! I’m not disorganized; I’m understaffed!

So in honor of National Procrastination Week, I’m going to retake the quiz in Lanna Nakone’s book and review all the suggestions she makes for people with my kind of brain. And then I’ll think about implementing them.

Happy procrastinating!


4 responses to “This explains so much…

  1. yes – take the quiz – learn what’s to be learned – and then HIRE THE ASSISTANT! – (I totally agree with that plan!)

  2. I had this marvelously reasoned comment all typed out and then someone walked into my office and I said “Oh, I’ll finish this later” and before I left work, I shut down my browser and there it went… 🙂

    From what I recall I said: I don’t understand how lack of organization can cause procrastination. I have gone through many periods of my life where my filing system was a pile of papers on my desk that functioned kind of like the rings in a tree trunk: the deeper you go, the earlier the document. Amid those papers were scraps of papers of reminders. Old paid bills. Need the bills from January? Look toward the bottom! Those periods alternated with good intentions–purchases of file folders, many fancy planners and electronic gadgets and organizers. It mattered not a whit whether I kept rigid track of what I was doing and when I needed to do it or whether I tossed a scrap of paper on a pile with a note on it. If I didn’t want to do it, I just didn’t do it until I absolutely had to. Maybe correlation is not the same as causation in this situation as much as it is in statistics. Faulty syllogisms! Ack! Great post though. I’m glad I didn’t put off reading it! *hugs* 🙂

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      I hate when that happens! For that very reason, if I’m going to write a comment or response that’s more than a few lines, I do it in a Word doc and save it to my writing journal file. An awful lot of those end up not getting finished or posted, but it has saved me a lot of aggravation when I’ve had the time and presence of mind to get back to one, polish it off, and post it.

      I’m not sure I fully buy into the posited correlation between procrastination and a lack of organization. If anything, I would think it ran the other way: lack of organization is most likely to be caused by procrastination. Who wants to tackle that mess? And there’s always stuff clamoring for immediate attention: cooking, dishes, laundry, bills, garbage — stuff that has serious consequences if put off. Organizing? Meh. Moving is the best way to get organized (and to get the house cleaned, too).

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