Yesterday, my SO took the day off from work and we put the kids on the bus and spent the day together, just running errands and hanging out. It was our anniversary.

That may not sound very romantic, but we fall more along the lines of practical than romantic. For one of our first Valentine’s Days together, he gave me a slow cooker, followed a year later by an electric wok. For our 20th anniversary, I bought him a load of creek stone.

For the first time in years (almost 14 since our first-born arrived) we just…did stuff…together. For an entire day. It was refreshingly simple, and refreshingly…refreshing.

Like a long, deep drink of cool, clear water.

(A huge “thank you!” to Mom and Dad for taking care of the kids after school — you two are the best!)


8 responses to “Water

  1. Happy Anniversary–the gift of time (followed closely by a slow cooker and a wok) is the highest gift we can give…

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Thank you! 🙂

      The slow cooker is actually a gift of time, too; I’ve had many a meal ready and waiting when I came home from a full day, with minimal dishes (one pot) to wash as an added bonus. So if anyone is wondering what to get for someone special…

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great way to enjoy one another. Blessings to you and your SO…

  3. Are you kidding? That’s like the perfect day for my husband and I. Romantic these days is going to Costco, getting shopping done, and maybe enjoying an uninterrupted meal together too. It may be boring, but it’s real. And we love it. Happy Anniversary. And I’d be stoked to get a slow cooker.

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      We actually had TWO uninterrupted meals together! And I highly recommend a slow cooker — hands-free cooking opens up all kinds of pre-dinner romance potential. 😉

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Every May I always remember that I had to miss your wedding to attend my college graduation……. 😦

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      You weren’t the only one. And it’s not like you missed out on something amazing like chocolate mayonnaise cake… 😉

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

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