Pardon my lack of enthusiasm

Recently a friend asked me if I was getting excited about our upcoming vacation. I was a little surprised to be asked that; why should I get excited? What is there about a family vacation to get excited about? I shrugged my shoulders and said, “No.” He looked puzzled and mildly disappointed.

In reflecting on this exchange, which was clearly unsatisfying for both of us, I recognized some fundamental differences in our perspectives. As the primary breadwinner in his household, my friend holds down a full-time job at a place of business; when he goes on vacation, he doesn’t have to go to work. Whatever he does on vacation, it’s guaranteed to be entirely different from his usual daily/weekly routine.

When I go on vacation, my job comes with me. I still have to work, doing what I do every day. The setting and circumstances are different, but I’m still responsible for making sure people get up, get dressed, and get where they’re going on time. I still have to plan meals, even if I don’t prepare them or clean up after them. I still have to coordinate transportation and schedules, and I still have to enforce rules and arbitrate disputes.

This isn’t a bad thing; a change of scenery can be refreshing, as can a change in routine. But it hardly qualifies as “getting away from it all” when you bring most of it with you, now, does it?


2 responses to “Pardon my lack of enthusiasm

  1. well…but shouldn’t “vacation” also call us to a different mindfulness? A different perspective on some of the things we always “just do”?
    happy vacation…watch out for those TSA “hand”lers, if you are flying.

  2. I understand how you feel. You really “need” a rest and you know you won’t be getting one. I pray for you that somehow there will be a way for you to be refreshed on your vacation. You need some time to call your own to chill out and rest, to recharge your battery before it leaks acid. Blessings to you, Jennifer…

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