Addams Family Moment

At some point during this morning’s swimming, I needed to leave the pool area. As I moved toward the gate, I got the children’s attention and told them, “I’m going to the ladies’ room. Don’t drown while I’m gone.”

Holding my gaze with a serious expression, my ten-year-old daughter solemnly intoned, “We can’t promise anything.” It was so exquisitely Wednesday Addams that I almost wept.

“Of course, dear,” I replied with a proud smile and tottered off as rapidly as my tightly wound beach towel would permit.


2 responses to “Addams Family Moment

  1. Out of the mouths of babes. . .

    When I tell my aspies comforting things like “I will always take care of you” and “I will always be your mom” they tend to answer the same way:

    “You’ll only be our mom until you die, Mom!” and “You’ll only take care of us until you die!”

    sigh. literalists. . .

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      I suppose it would be too wickedly Addams Family to respond, “Actually, darlings, I was planning to come back as a ghost and haunt you.” ;-D

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