Calling all math nerds!

I have discovered a new brain food: Romanesco Broccoli, also known as Roman Cauliflower. The edible flower heads of this incredible brassica grow in chartreuse nested logarithmic spirals. Check it out:

This lovely photo is from The Nutmeg Polymath, whose blog entry on this fabulous fractal food caught my eye and got the wheels turning in my head. If I can figure out how to manage it, you’ll be seeing these babies growing in my yard. How much more ornamental can a vegetable get?

(For more information and amazing photos, visit John Walker’s Fractal Food page.)


8 responses to “Calling all math nerds!

  1. nutmegpolymath

    Good luck growing Romanescos! My mother has seeded them already for the year so I will be tracking their progress in the greenhouse. From what I understand, they can grow well into the fall like broccoli, even if planted outdoors.

    They will be a lovely addition to your vegetable garden and I would love to see your results!

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Thanks! It may be a little late to start brassicas down here in the Bluegrass…I’m a transplant from the Nutmeg State myself so I’m still learning the gardening ropes. Love the longer growing season (and more light year-round) but the heat is definitely a factor when growing things that like cooler weather. I’ll be sure to post if I have any success.

  2. And even those who fall short in the “Math” department (ie. me) can also appreciate this gorgeous vegetable as an artist and foodie. 😉 Cool stuff!

  3. those are gorgeous! and hey…how does one subscribe to your blog? I don’t see a handy-dandy widget anywhere for that…

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      I don’t have one of those, do I? I’ll work on it and get back to you. Thanks for noticing, and thanks for reading. 🙂

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Wow, that was easy! I now have a subscription widget in my sidebar. I guess I never thought I’d need it. Thanks for proving me wrong. 🙂

      • Excellent! I just signed up! 🙂 I am not very good at remembering to visit blogs, if I don’t get a little “ping” in my inbox…and I don’t much care for the RSS feeds…
        glad you put it up!

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