Garden delights (an old-fashioned poem)

Will you meet me in the garden
B’neath the rhubarb’s spreading leaves?
We will make for us a bower
And discuss the birds and bees.

Will you come at daylight’s breaking
To the hawthorn wet with dew,
Find with me a guarded nest there
Perfect sized and shaped for two?

Will you share with me the twilight
Of the arbor’s shaded room,
Suffer sweet intoxication
‘Mid the roses all in bloom?

Will you nill you, I shall have you,
Queen of bees and knave of hearts;
‘Tis the dance that we were born for:
Come together, draw apart.


5 responses to “Garden delights (an old-fashioned poem)

  1. My gosh, this is beautiful. Both carolinian and modern, and about gardening – one of my all time favourite pastimes.

    • Jennifer Barricklow

      Thank you! I’m pleased you enjoyed it both as a gardener and as a person who is well-read. I had lots of fun writing it.

  2. Beautiful!

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