The heart condition

Once there was a woman who felt a dull, constant ache in her chest. At first she paid no attention to it, thinking it was indigestion. The pain didn’t seem to grow any worse, but neither did it diminish.

The woman eventually became accustomed to the ache so that she hardly noticed it. One morning she realized she no longer felt it all. At first she was relieved to be free of pain after such a long time, but soon she noticed that she didn’t feel anything else either. She went to see a doctor, who scheduled a series of tests to determine what was wrong.

When the tests were completed, the doctor called the woman into his office to talk with her about the results.

“I am sorry to tell you this,” said the doctor, “but your heart has turned to stone.”

“Are you certain?” the woman asked in disbelief.

“Quite certain,” replied the doctor. He showed her the test results, all of which clearly indicated that her heart had indeed become stone.

“What is the treatment?” asked the woman.

“I’m afraid there is none,” replied the doctor. “The condition is permanent. But the good news is that you no longer feel anything, so this discovery cannot affect you.”

The woman realized he was absolutely correct; she felt neither grief nor dismay at the news. She shook hands with the doctor and thanked him before leaving the office.


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