A word to the wise

Things a man should never say when arguing with the mother of his children (Part 1 of an occasional series)

You don’t know the sacrifices I’ve made for this family.

This is not to say that he hasn’t made sacrifices, because he most certainly has. Without a doubt he’s made a lot of sacrifices that no one knows about, which means that those same sacrifices have gone unrecognized. If these words ever come out of a man’s mouth, there is no question that he is not getting the appreciation he needs. So why shouldn’t he say this?

Reason #1: Childbirth. Unless his sacrifices included wearing a 30-pound pack strapped to his abdomen for six months AND passing a kidney stone the size of a baseball, he’s got nothing. And that’s not even considering any complications during pregnancy or delivery. He REALLY doesn’t want to get into that kind of pissing contest with her. In fact, if he’s used this line in an argument and his wife hasn’t verbally laid him out cold, he’s either married to an idiot or a saint; it’s pretty hard to resist delivering that kind of sucker punch.

Reason #2: Actually, the need for further reasons is completely obviated by Reason #1.


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