Ace of Bats

From The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West

From The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West

Today’s card is the Ace of Bats. In the Halloween Tarot deck, Bats correspond to the traditional suit of Swords. Swords is customarily associated with the element of air, and is seen as representing the mysterious realms of the mind. Bats are obviously creatures of the air, and the erratic appearance of their flight strongly resembles the way in which our minds flutter from one thought to the next.

Aces are beginning cards, representing abstract principles on which their suits are based. Truth is the fundamental principle on which activities in the realm of thought and the mind are based. Truth is both the goal of reasoning and its starting place.

Look at the card: a single bat hangs suspended from a purple hand, which emerges from a cloud. The bat is at rest, but alert—its eyes and ears are trained on the viewer. One wing is open: the bat is showing us something, inviting us to look closer.

This card is about truth. Like the bat, truth is not always pretty or pleasant, and there is usually more to it than meets the eye. Facing the truth requires a certain amount of courage, and we can sometimes find courage by arming ourselves with the truth. The dark side, or reversed meaning, of this card, therefore, would be cowardice. This shadow meaning is always present, no matter what the orientation of the card; many find that the shadow meaning is more heavily emphasized when the card appears upside down.

(The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West, U.S. Games Systems, 1996.)

2 responses to “Ace of Bats

  1. This is almost a year old but seems to fit well today as well. Dealing with issues of the truth and facing up to it or choosing not to and the courage it takes to not only admit the truth to oneself but also to decide what to do with the truth. there is more than one way to handle to the truth of our lives and what might seem right today could change in a year (month day hour). Talk to you soon.

  2. Jennifer Barricklow

    Wow! How ironic, given the way the past year unfolded, that I decided to write a post about this card a year ago. Does anybody else hear the Twilight Zone theme playing?

    Is it any wonder I enjoy tarot so much?

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