Wonder Pets meets Transformers

I went to see the rodent action flick G-Force with my mom and kids today. It was an entertaining and remarkably benign way to spend a couple of hours on a summer afternoon. It was cute and funny by spells, though it got a little heavy-handed with life lessons right before the action-packed climax.

I loved the fact that there was absolutely no profanity, and that no one died, not even bad guys. Furthermore, the bad guys weren’t demonized and were shown actually being rehabilitated at the end — everyone got a second chance in this film. The sex is incredibly understated by today’s standards, consisting entirely of a delightfully confusing conversational thread among characters as to whether or not they are “interested” in one another.

The only reason for the PG rating is the exciting action sequences, which would indeed be too intense for children too young to distinguish imagined danger from real danger. I truly can’t remember the last time I went to a PG movie without feeling outraged at some adult who had brought along a child for whom the film was clearly inappropriate. There were no infants or toddlers in today’s audience, and it was wonderful not to feel sorrow or indignation on behalf of anyone in the theater with me.

G-Force may not be the best movie I’ve seen this year, but it was a big hit with both the younger and older members of our party and it impressed me with its genuine kid-friendliness. I’d say that’s worth at least two thumbs up.

Side note: I was half hoping for some kind of tie-in with a cartoon show I watched as a kid entitled Battle of the Planets. This anime adaptation featured a group of young superheroes known as G-Force. Alas, there appears to be no connection.


One response to “Wonder Pets meets Transformers

  1. We recently watched that too, and it was hilarious! I loved Mittens the cat. Oh, and the pigeons – awesome! Then again, I love animation, so I might be the minority here. A couple nights ago we watched the new Wolverine movie. It was pretty good!

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