Untapped potential

The new cat had decided she likes to sharpen her claws on the box springs of my bed. To discourage this, I applied the extra-wide double-sided tape that pet stores sell for this purpose. (Several chairs in our living room sport similar decoration because of the claw-sharpening proclivities of one of our other cats.) Although Fluffy has stopped clawing the bed, now she licks the tape. Very weird, but I don’t see how it can damage the box springs.

The other day my daughter wanted to watch TV in our room, but I told her no because I had washed the sheets and hadn’t put them back on the bed yet. She offered to do it for me if I would let her watch TV in the bedroom. My mama didn’t raise no fool, so I agreed. When I finally crawled in for the night, it was late and I was grateful that I didn’t have to make the bed first. I did note, however, that the edge of the sheet closest to the head of the bed had a narrow hem rather than the wide hem that indicates the top edge.

When I investigated in the morning, I found not only that my daughter had placed the wide-hemmed top of the sheet at the foot of the bed, but that she had also failed to tuck it in. My SO moves quite a lot in his sleep, so I was surprised that the sheet had stayed in place. I found out why when I tried to lift the end of the sheet to tuck it in: it was firmly stuck to the tape on the box springs. I laughed so hard I sat down on the floor, then decided to leave it because I liked the way it looked.

I’ve been considering the untapped interior design potential of double-sided tape: dust ruffles, place mats, table runners, antimacassars — the sky’s the limit!


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