Going in circles

Yesterday I learned that a colleague and friend passed away quite unexpectedly last week. We weren’t extremely close, but we had worked together on various projects over the past few years and often ran into one another at events in which we had a common interest. A deep sadness arises in me when I think of the conversations we will never have, the places we will never bump into each other, the unfinished projects that lie in that great gulf now between us.

I feel especially melancholy thinking of the work at which we labored as part of a team, because one of the oars is now unmanned, and the one who pulled that oar was great of heart and strong of back. It feels as though we are left to row in circles — how can we go forward when we are so unbalanced? I suppose we will simply stop rowing for a while and lie becalmed on this troubled sea until our grief subsides or the tides of time threaten to throw us onto the shoals of our deadlines.


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