Not so daily

I named this daily with every intention of posting to it on a daily basis, but that has proven to be more of a challenge than anticipated. In part, I haven’t been diligent enough about setting aside the time early enough in the day; I often find myself writing late at night after everyone is in bed, working against a midnight deadline but needing to decompress before I can be coherent. Another factor is my fear that what I write will be boring or irrelevant, coupled with my insistence that my writing be of a certain quality. While it’s good to hold myself to those standards, it’s not good to allow those standards to be an impediment.

So I’m turning the pile. I’ll begin writing at the first opportunity rather than leaving it for the dregs of the day. I’ll be a little less exacting and a little more willing to appear foolish or irrelevant or boring, trusting that the composite result will be of high quality even if individual morsels aren’t. After all, I did choose compost as my model, and heaven knows that compost starts out as a mess. I need to put my biodegradable refuse where my mouth is.


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