Gardening is a form of insanity

I’m wondering whether I should have named this blog “The Lunatic Gardener” because now that spring is here with a vengeance, all I want to write about is gardening. Of course, all I really want to DO is garden, but writing/talking/thinking/reading about gardening will do in a pinch.

I spent a couple hours this afternoon planting bulbs. I didn’t get all the bulbs I overbought in the fall planted before an unexpectedly normal winter set in, causing the ground to freeze when it should rather than never, as has been the case in recent years. I tucked the poor things away in a cold, dark corner of the garage to await an auspicious alignment of weather, soil conditions, and free time. Today was that magical day, though I still didn’t get them all in the ground. I have determined to pot up the remainder and let them do their thing, then dump the pots in the fall and plant the bulbs in the ground where they belong. I may even give some of the pots away as gifts once the plants are up and ready to bloom, with an offer to come plant the bulbs — in the ground — when they are done.

It feels so good to have a plan for the little darlings! Now I can sleep at night.


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